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A tip can be a lot of things and can be difficul to find: Should I go? Should I start a new career? Should I buy a new car?.To others, a tip could be easy to give because have more experience, have more skills, have better mood.

Tips from others is not always some to consider, It's time to expand our minds and enjoy the opinion from anothers. You never know if a person who you don't know it have the right answer.

Every day, millions of people use Socialtip to get tips and answers from anothers, but they also use Socialtip to have fun, know what his friends or family think about something.Here at Socialtip, we are here to help you make your voice heard and listen to others.

Here at Socialtip, we are here to help you make your voice heard and listen to others.

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With Socialtip, you can resolve problems easy & quickly. We can help you found the right answer in a few seconds.Whether you are in your house or walking on the street, you only need your mobile phone. You can solve problems, silly questions or importants, have fun and help people.

Create Tips in seconds.Can you imagine hundreds of people connected voting your tips?. Are you the best Social Tip adviser?

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This App is still being tested, so we will only be rolling this out to a few people. We'll be collecting feedback to help us understand how people feel about this feature and make improvements.