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Every day, lots of incredible questions and facts are written on Socialtip. You have the opportunity to ask about what you need to know to your friends or random people. We show the results on the tab "My Center", but sometimes you want to make sure you don't miss an answer from someone you follow or you want to see trends questions, you have all your favorites questions on the tab “Home”.

Everytime you refresh the tab "Home", new questions appear. Socialtip is a worldwide app and we don’t want you miss any question. We translate the questions in your language powered by "google translate". If you see an icon in the top right of your question, this indicate that the question was translate.Vote Yes or Not just swipe your finger to the right or to the left on the questions or fact and enjoy be part of the Socialtip's community. Help People to choose or just support ideas in one second.

We also got the tab “Profile”, you can add your favourite photo, upload from your library or take a quickly one from your camera and add your personal Information.

On the tab “Settings”, you can select the configurations about the notifications.

Finally, If you love Socialtip share your love with everybody, on the tab "About" you have all our Social Media Accounts to follow us and a little history about us.

This App is still being tested, so we will only be rolling this out to a few people. We'll be collecting feedback to help us understand how people feel about this feature and make improvements.